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KD Academy Early Learning Center, formerly known as “The Kiddie Depot” opened its doors August 2005 as a home-based childcare facility, serving children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. August 2012, The Kiddie Depot scaled the business model into a 3000 square feet commercial facility and within the 3rd quarter of the same year was operating at maximum capacity. Shortly thereafter, the business saw new opportunities as the market demanded extended hours of service. Understanding the glaring need for quality service, we decided to meet the need and begin to provide service around the clock for working parents regardless of the work schedule. Today we pride ourselves on being Kansas City’s 24hr/7day fully functioning childcare facility.

As a service, KD Academy has consistently offered families a unique home away from home experience.  Our endeavor for children is strongly based on educational achievement and the development of well-rounded social skills.

Our state-of-the-art facility is not only child-friendly, safe, and loving but also fun and full of constant adventure.  Our philosophy of teaching children is to encourage them to become “World Wise” by introducing them to science, math, literacy, physical education, through a hands-on play-based framework for learning.  Our program has remained unique because we are constantly being inspired by the children and the needs of the community. Our core values have been and continue to be Love, Education, and Nutrition.

At KD Academy, we want your child and your family to look into the window of there imagination and be Inspired.  Our desire is for your child to build social skills, connections and relationships that will write their story.  Their stories will forever remain a part of our story and our purpose,  with each individual being important and bringing strength to the group because he or she collectively fulfills a part of the overall landscape and the fabric of our society.  

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to the sustainability of our business model along with the landscape of our community. As our community transforms thru economic and social development it is critically important that the services we provide, the staff we employ, and the parents we serve are reflective of the fabric of our city.
Diversity incorporates all the elements that make individuals perform at peak levels. Studies show the greater the diversity in the workforce the greater the production, profitability, and value creation. With the evolving landscape of our city, we as the owners and staff welcome people of all ethnicities, social and economic backgrounds. Diversity Equity and Inclusion will bring forth the best of us all!



Early childhood education and development is critically important in the initial stages of a child’s life. At KD Academy, our teachers and staff help facilitate this period of learning, and that is what separates us from traditional childcare facilities. 


At KD Academy, we build on the momentum of your toddler’s learning and natural curiosity to help them learn at their own pace. We also begin the process of table time, introducing the toddlers to a structured environment. This in turn assists the transition for the learning environment when advancing to the 2-year-old classroom.


While your 2-year-old is at our Academy, he/she will experience the next level of a structured learning environment. These children will become engaged with understanding learning principles. This is also the class where children will be introduced to potty training. 


At KD Academy, we nurture your 3-year-old’s creativity and put your 3-year-old’s natural sense of wonder to work, teaching them about reading, math, people, and our environment through hands-on activities.

Our program enables learning experiences where your 4-year-old’s creativity can thrive in an environment that encourages curiosity, exploration, self-identity, and forming respectful relationships.


Our program enables learning experiences where your 5-year-old’s creativity can thrive in an environment that encourages curiosity, exploration, self-identity, and forming respectful relationships.


Love. Education. Nutrition.




I am more than happy to recommend KD Academy as not only a Child Care Provider but also a Learning Academy. Our daughter Aurora has attended KD Academy for over a year and a half. She absolutely loves it there. The staff and learning environment are top notch! Our initial introduction to the academy was with the owners, Mr. Mac and Miss Penny. Aurora was attending a traditional Monday through Friday daycare at the time. My wife and I do not work traditional hours and needed something that worked better with our schedules. Mr. Mac and Miss Penny explained that their academy was open 24 hours a day, closing at 6:00pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday. While this was a huge relief for us, it wasn't the deciding factor. Mr. Mac made a statement that he tells the staff they have to love these children and that sold me. I will say that his statement is 100% accurate. The staff does indeed love the children and the kids love them. The children are taught things they need to know for kindergarten as well as plenty of time for exercise. The facility is first class. It stays consistently clean. It has a cafeteria that provides 3 meals a day. They also use an app which provides updates with pictures and/or videos of what the children are doing. As we close in on our relocation date, I truly hope that we can find a facility like KD Academy. They have taken great care of Aurora and the three of us will miss the staff. If we weren't moving, Aurora would absolutely stay enrolled there. If you're looking for a place to not only watch your child, but also love and teach your child, then KD Academy is the place for you. Finally, on behalf of my family, I'd like to say thank you to Mr. Mac, Miss Penny and the entire staff at KD Academy. You have been wonderful to work with. I truly appreciate what you've done for us and our daughter. We will miss you

Mark, Shauna and Aurora Staten

KD Academy is convenient, affordable and welcoming. My son is shy, but he has opened up more since attending KD Academy. If you're looking for childcare, don't look at the location or the building, look at the people who are inside because I think they're doing a great job overall.

Jessica Magobet 

Wonderful staff. Very good day/night care. My niece & nephew love KD Academy. I’m so thankful for them.

Miesha Caldwell 

KD Academy is a professional and diverse learning center. I don't feel like my child is just a number for them and my son always comes home with new skills. I love that I can send my son to KD Academy each day and feel comfortable, knowing I do not need to worry about him or his safety.

Ashley Acton

I've known Mrs. Penny for years and don’t have one complaint. Keep up the good work!

Quila Conway

The Kiddie Depot Daycare LLC is one of the best daycares in Kansas City. The birth of my first grandchild, A’Nyia is how it became in existence. My Grandaughter’s Grandmother, Ms Penny Dale (now Mrs Penny McCant) did not want anyone to care for our first grandchild, so she decided to go after her dream and open up her own daycare. With her following her passion, the Kiddie Depot Daycare has continuously grown year after year. The daycare provides the children we care for a lot of love ❤️, educational tools to prepare our kids for kindergarten, and ole fashion motherly attention. I’m so grateful to this daycare because now I’ve had a total of four grandchildren who have grown up and through Kiddie Depot Daycare.

Claudette Henderson





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